May 28, 2022


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4,279 Domains were registered in January Along. NiRA Report


A report from Nigeria Internet Registration Association, NiRA, revealed that 4,279 domains were registered only in January. While 2,417 domains were transfered. This is a boast to the number of domains in Nigeria has it reaches a new peak of 103,794 NG domains that were active during the month of January.

The chart and table below revealed this fact. Last month, domain names that were active were 101,795. This means an increased in active domains to 2 percent increase in active domains.

Also, regigistered domains in December were 3,560 while domains that were transfered totalled 1,917. It was reported by NiRA that the slow growth in December was as a result of the Festive activities and rightly so. Since businesses will be shut down for the for holidays.

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