July 5, 2020


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About Us

SB-Accounting NG is a finance and business blog. The intention is to provide well-explained accounting, financial, and business information to businesses, students, and other readers.

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SB-Accounting NG was founded by Jeremiah Evwierhurhoma in 2019. The blog was formed after discovering that there are little or no blogs that provide free information on finance and business in Nigeria.

SB-Accounting NG will provide you with reliable information you can trust but subject to our disclaimer. The information provided are well researched and thought out. Also, detailed explanations are provided to help our readers understand each article better.

Although the founder intends to make money from the blog, this will be via advisements, affiliate partners, digital services and other forms of digital ads.

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Learn more about VAT Accounting.

The book contains worked examples that will help you understand how VAT works. Google was to show how the double-entry works.

The book worth 5 USD right now. Here is the link to buy yours.