May 28, 2022


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Andela team in Lagos watched Black Panther together, here is the experiences they shared


Andela, a software developer training company located in San Francisco with offices in Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda organised a cinema for its team to watch the Black Panther movie.

Black Panther was widely watched last week with Michelle Obama commenting regarding it on tweeter. However, the Black Panther movie do not end well, if the Andela team don’t make time-out to watch this must watch film.

So, the country director, Sani Sulyman organizes the team to watch the movie during the weekend. To show appreciation, these are what Andelans were saying.

Celestine Omin said, “Andela rented an entire cinema for the crew to go see BlackPanther . Thank you Seni Sulyman and Jeremy for making this happen.”

Alexa Scordato said “We did it!!! #wakandaforever.” On the other hand, Mohini Ufeli stated “I got to see the powerful #BlackPanther movie again with some of my favorite people in the world! Andelans. Cheers to a future powered by tech and collaboration.”
Rotimi Okungbaye said that he had an amazing experience with the Andela family today! We saw Black Panther together and it was so beautiful! Shout out to the best CEO @JeremyJ for sponsoring everyone.

While, Seni Sulyman, Andela country director added, “We rented a cinema for the whole crew at Andela Nigeria to see #BlackPanther today. We need to see what the future could look like, if we are going to build it.” Also, Hamdalah, who also works with Andela shows her appreciation by saying, “AndelaAtWakanda…It was awesome seeing black panther, but seeing it with the #andelanigeria family was EPIC!”

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Can Black Panther teach a person new ways to use technology? Fadojutimi Temitayo is of that view. He posited, “BlackPanther has shown me another way to solve practical problems in the society using technology. I’m redefining how I define technology and how I can use it to help build the society around me.”

These are few of the tweets posted after the cinema show. Although, no information as to where Andelans watched the movie, it is certain that all enjoyed watching this Epic movie.

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