May 28, 2022


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Android Company Launches Essential Smartphone


A new smart phone was lunched today by a tech firm known as Android. The lunch of the smartphone named “Essential” was disclosed by the company co-founder Andy Rubin. Note that Andy Rubin is the creator of Android.

Some basic features of the phone includes it 4G RAM, External storage of 128G, 14MP rear camera and 8MP front camera. The battery power is 3040mAh which charge faster with USB.

The body is made of Titanium, Ceramic back and a corning Gorilla Glass5 cover. The phone also has a magnet at the back to attach other product by the company including it latest camera called Experience 360°.

The phone can be pre-order now at essential website. It is sold for $699 that is approximately N270,000. The company will make use of all available carrier to ship the phone.

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