May 28, 2022


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While in prep school, college and at the university, I was not thought personal budgeting, and many of faced the same situation. My parent never show me how to prepare a budget. However, achieving a level of financial savvy has been made easy through the use of mobile apps on phones. With your Android, OS Windows and MAC you can prepare your budget without accounting knowledge.

AdvisoryHQ has provided a list of six (6) best personal budget apps and why they are chosen. The list is based on the following collection factors: “mobile device capabilities, ease of use, security level, comprehensiveness, budgeting features, cost, sophisticated accounting interfaces, and maintenance requirements.”

Wait a minute, what is the job of AdvisoryHQ? AdvisoryHQ is a fast growing review and ranking news media for all financial industry. They listen to users/customers complaints on all organizations in the finance industry. The list of six best personal finance apps are shown thus:

  1. Personal capital
  2. You Need A Budget (YNAB)
  3. Quicken
  4. Mint
  5. Buxfer
  6. Moneydance

AdvisoryHQ also provides reasons for their selection of these budgeting apps. Summary of there reasons are stated below:

The reason for these app to be at the number one spot is because it provide all-in-one personal budgeting and money management that can be used in almost all device. It is also free to download and you will not be asked to subscribe before using the app.

This app is design on four basic rules which are: Give every dollar a job, Save for the rainy day, Roll with the punches and Live on last month’s income. The rules help the user stop living paycheck and get out of debt faster says AdivisoryHQ.

Quicken has the following summarized features:

1 Best for online budgeting
2 Best accounting software for Mac users
3 Organizes all of your personal finances in one place so you can see where you’re spending and where you can save
4 Create a budget, and manage your investments
5 Helps you make smart money decisions on the go
6 Pay bills from right within Quicken
7 Transfer money between accounts

This apps is capable of the following:

1 free budgeting and planning tools.
2 charts showing income and expenses weekly
3 free credit check

Buxfer app has the following features:

1 Buxfer is a free budget software that allows you to easily see all of your accounts in one place
2 Quickly see where your money goes, reduce unwanted spending, and save for future goals
3 Upload bank statements or files from Quicken, MS Money, and other financial software
4 Add transactions on the go and reconcile them later

The features a summarized below

1 Top accounting software for Mac users
2 Moneydance handles multiple currencies and virtually any financial task with ease
3 Moneydance can automatically download transactions and send payments online from hundreds of financial institutions
4 Use the graphing tool to generate visual reports of your income and expenses
5 You can set up a payment schedule for single or recurring transactions so that you’ll never miss a payment

You can chose from many of the budget apps based on what you want to achieve.

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