May 28, 2022


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BTNG wants to bring Nigeria Tech Innovators and Partners together


BTNG is a non-governmental organisation committed to accelerating innovation for the Nigerian Tech Space. Located in London and organising events in Nigeria, the team hope to help bring together various tech innovators and partners in form of seed funds and mentors together to help grow the Nigeria Tech ecosystem.

BTNG means Building Things for NG. The founder, Ozo who also live in the diaspora believes that every problem in Nigeria is an opportunity which the Nigerians in Nigeria and in the diaspora should utilised. In a recent blog post, Ozo said that our goal is to “be the first point-of-call for people who desire to innovate for Nigeria, and although our vision covers innovation in Nigeria we still have a keen interest in accelerating innovation for the African Tech Space.”

The interests of BTNG are:

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1. Attracting innovators looking to do amazing things in the Nigerian space

2. Assisting creators looking for testers or first users of their products

3. Building communities for developers, designers, product managers, and the likes

4. Bringing African Tech enthusiasts together to share ideas

5. Helping people gain entry into the Nigerian innovative space for active participation

6. Helping to provide practical information and resources to African startups in the diaspora.

What do BTNG do?

BTNG helps build a community of tech makers and idealist to discuss ideas, engage in ventures and produced incredible products.

Create a platform where Nigerians in working in Tech to network, inspire, share experiences and solve real problems, And

Engaged and connects products, skills, projects, ideas, teams and businesses in the African tech space.

BTNG do these through events they organised every year in Nigeria.

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