May 28, 2022


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Bukola Ogunfunmilade Is Inspiring Girls in Kastina State, Nigeria


In a post on Young Africa Leaders Initiatives, YALI, Facebook group, Adesunmbo Adeola, posted the activities of Bukola Ogunfunmilade, who is currently involved in her compulsory service National Youth Service Corp, NYSC, in Kastina state, Nigeria.

According to her, “She’s already inspiring change at Kastina state where she was posted to serve.”

“She realized a huge need to educated the girl child because of the rate at which they get married early,Out of complex and the lack of knowledge.”

“She took it upon herself to start classes every Wednesday. I encouraged her to start and even gave her YALI materials for educating the girl child.”

“Yesterday was their first and they had about 30students. She spoke on SELF CONFIDENCE & HOW THEY CAN TAKE CARE OF THEIR BODY.”

Bukola faced barriers, especially language. She is a Yoruba speaking girl and she is to communicate with Hausa speaking people.

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“But that didn’t stop her. Guess what, she got an interpreter with the help of the principal of the school where she’s currently serving,” said Adeola.

“I’m soooo proud of Bukola, please CELEBRATE Bukola with me.”

“She’s our star of the Day 💎 #Inspiringchange #TransformingLives”

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