May 28, 2022


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Check Point’s researchers revealed-A Nigerian is involve in the current cyber criminal in Nigeria


Israeli base cyber security researcher has confirmed that a Nigeria national is involved in the current cyber attacks on Nigerian companies and such person has made several millions of Naira from the attack.

According to the information posted online, the person used a crude method to commit the cyber crime and as such the method may still be effective, therefore, Nigeria companies need to be alert to avoid future attacks.

As posited by Check Point, the attacker used a social media account with the motto: “get rich or die trying.” From which he gets e-mail he uses to launched it’s attack. He used NetWare malware,  a remote access Trojan which allows full control over infected machines, and Hawkeye, a key-logging program. Using a fraudulent email which appears to originate from oil and gas giant, Saudi Aramco, the world second largest daily oil producer, the cyber criminal target financial staff within companies, trick them into revealing company bank details, or open the e-mail’s malware infected attachment.


So far, there has been 14 successful infections and such has earn the criminal thousands of dollars said Check Point.

“It’s particularly striking that his techniques display a low level of cyber skills. His fraudulent e-mails are crude and unsophisticated; there is almost no research or social engineering involved in creating them,” says Doros Hadjizenonos, Check Point SA’s country manager.

“The titles of the e-mails are generic, and phrased as ‘Dear Sir/Ms.’ The same mail is sent to numerous targets, all in blind carbon copy, urging victims to send back banking details, perhaps for future scams. The attacks were launched from the e-mail addresses, and,” he adds.

“What’s more, the malware he uses is old, generic and readily available online; and he uses freeware to ‘scrape’ e-mail addresses from corporate Web sites which he then uses as targets for his campaigns.”

Check Point stated that the method may still be effective, therefore, companies and their staff should be carefull to the links they click while using emails to avoid future attack. Also, the press released from NCC can be of use.
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