May 28, 2022


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CONFIRMED: Heritage Bank and Heritage Capital are not Related

CONFIRMED: Heritage Bank and Heritage Capital are not Related

As a result of Security and Exchange Commission suspension of Heritage Capital from the capital market. The publicity of Heritage Bank may be jeopardise. Therefore, the Bank has taken necessary steps to prevent it.

A statement made available today, Wednesday, the management of Heritage Bank stated, “Our attention has been drawn to a certain recent publication in some of the national dailies regarding the suspension of a certain “Heritage Capital Market Limited” by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

“Our concern stems from the resemblance in its name to our organisation, and the impression that this might leave on the minds of our dear customers.

“We wish to hereby state that “Heritage Bank PLC” HAS NO BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP OR ASSOCIATION WITH THE AFFECTED COMPANY – “Heritage Capital Market Limited”.

“Heritage Bank PLC remains resolute and committed to our customer’s upholding in trust the privilege to partner with them in fulfilling your financial objectives.”

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