May 20, 2022


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Domain Names in Nigeria hits nearly 98,000


In July, Nigeria Internet Registration Association, NiRA stated that Domains names carrying Nigeria ccTLD reaches 93,317. The chairman of the association, Rev. Sunday Folayan claimed that between October and November the number of .ng’s Domains will be 100,000. A recent press statement for September Domain registration for .ng Domains hit a new high of  97,750 which is nearly 98,000.

By the end of October and if the trend predicted here are continues, then Domain registration will definitely reaches 100,000. The latest report also showed that domain count for August was 96,130. This is an increased in Domain count month-on-month of 2,813. In September, the Domain count reported by NiRA was 97750, a month-on-month increase of 1,620.

Though the trend, dropped between August and September as you can see from the above statement, the possibility of reaching the 100,000 in October and November is more than 90 percent.

Source: NiRA

With the promotional activities of resellers such as whogohost, qservers, Garanntor and more, the chances are high that .ng domains will hit 100,000. Cloudwafer is promoting the sales of .ng domains for just N450. qserver and whogohost is giving free domain if you host your website on their platform, so is other Domain names resellers in Nigeria.

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However, Guardian Newspaper stated that the Domain count in Nigeria has already reached 100,000. Quoting the Chairman of the Association, Rev. Sunday, .ng domains is the second largest in Africa just besides South Africa which have over a million ccTLDs with the country code .za Guardian has been one of the top websites in Nigeria that uses .ng domains.

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