May 28, 2022


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Easter update for Wallet App is Live

wallet app used for instagram

Wallet Nigeria, a fintech company in Nigeria is adding three new features to its mobile app. The update comes up doing Easter period, so it was named Easter edition. Wallet is a platform where merchants can receive and pay money. A merchant can receive money through social media using the Wallet website.

Three new features were added as Easter edition. The first update in the Wallet app is the introduction of payment history. So, it you have already pay a bill last month for example, you don’t need to write all the details when paying the same bill this month. The history of all the bills you have paid will appeared.

If you are paying to another Wallet user, you will not be charge any convenient fee. It is free. And finally, you can now include description when making payment.

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You may recall that in March, Wallet added three features to its app. push notifications, transactions breakdown and beautiful email design.

Image source: Wallet Twitter Account.

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