May 28, 2022


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Facebook messenger Reaction Hit over 2 Billion


Facebook reaction has hit over 2 billion since inception. The daily average is 30 million per day. Those who likely use Facebook reaction are people within the age of 18 and 24. While adult tends to use it a little.

According to a source, users of Facebook messenger while replying to a message uses more of reaction. For example, if a user wants to reply ‘cool’, instead of typing it, he or she uses the facebook reaction.

As stated above millennials uses Facebook reaction the most. The figure is not surprising because millennials uses Facebook the most than any other age bracket. In Nigeria, for example, when a person update is status on Facebook, the status usually gets more of reactions than comments.

The source also shows that people uses more of positive reaction than negative ones. Yes, most users of Facebook prefer posting positive things about themselves than negatives. People usually post photos of themselves in happy mode than in angry or pessimistic mo

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In Nigeria, Facebook users post images of weddings, honey moons, graduation parties, birthday parties, picnics, and more. More recently, they now post what they called pre-wedding photos.

When it comes to write-ups, Nigeria Facebook users only posted positive information. Upbuilding information, motivational quotes. Several users will post a status update that encourages people to like their post or type ‘Amen’ to get blessing from God.

These positive status updates are enough reasons for Facebook users to strike more of positive reaction than negative ones.

Users in almost all countries were Facebook is popular uses the ‘love’ reaction while countries like Canada, France, India, the UK and Australia uses the ‘yes’ reaction than other countries while Vietnam users uses more of the laughing reaction than any other countries.

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