May 28, 2022


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Five ways to waste money during holidays

Five ways to waste money during holidays

Holidays are lovely time to spend with your family, relatives and other loved ones. It is hard to see a single person who do not love the periods of holidays. Special Holiday periods are time to share gift with people we care for and our neighbor.

In such periods, we may tend to waste so many cash on our hands. Well, spending money is never a problem, but spending it lavishly is. No person with gun, shot it without aiming at a target. This is similar to spending money during special holidays. While it is not wrong to waste money, it is shrewdness to do it with a target in mind.

The benefit for doing so, is to prevent regrets after the special holidays. Below are a five ways to waste money during holidays.

1. Buying Gift: 
Giving to people is a source of happiness, so a very important way you can waste cash this holiday is by giving gift to people. When buying gift, you can take advantage of black Fridays, since many gadgets, etc prices are reduced. There are many gift items you can buy for your loved ones and neighbors.

Examples are greeting cards, toys, mobile phones, washing machines, dresses, shoes, jewelry, car and even a house. Well, it may sound funny to give a house as a gift, but if your income permit it, it is not wrong. Just ensure that the gift you brought can last for a long time.


2. Giving Money:
Giving out money is another way of wasting money during special holidays. However, the pitfall of giving out cash is that cash do not last for a long time in the hands of the receiver. Though, it will be appreciated but it will be no more within a short period of time and the receiver may loss the memory of it.

Dispute these pitfalls, giving out cash is very important. If you decide to do so, you need to discern that there are certain people who will prefer cash, while others will still prefer a gift item.

This illustration may guide you on this. I was listening to one of my favourite programmes so many years ago on a radio station (FM radio). The presenter was talking about his birthday celebration and he stated plainly he did not want gadget, etc as birthday gift. He said he prefer cash. For what reason? You may asked. According to him, must of the items brought as gifts were items he owned at home. Therefore, receiving such gift will be a waste. So, if cash is giving he will used it to buy what ever he need. I believe you can discern persons who will need the cash instead of a gift item.

How will you go about giving cash? It is a good custom to enveloped the cash you are giving out. It shows a sign of respect. However, you may not need to enveloped the cash you are giving out if you are giving it to a child.


3. Going Out For Picnic:
Wow! So lovely. This is the best part of it. You and your family and loved ones. The memories and the fun, it worth the waste! Why not try it, if you have not. This also bind the family together and the spirit of love will remain within. If you regularly watch the TV series, ” keeping up with the Kesdisian” you will understand what I am talking about. They never waste their holidays, no mater how short the period without spending time out and you can see the bond of love within the family. Try it and you will never regret it.

4. Visiting relations and friends. 
Probably, going out for picnic may not be your style, or you have regularly before now gone out with your family on a picnic or because of other commitment, there is no enough cash to take your family out on a picnic. Then, you can visit long distance relative.


You family may have not she your grandparents for a while, or it may be a brother or sister of yours they have not see for a long time. This holiday may just be the right time for you to do so. Seeing someone you have not see for a while is a thing of joy ad it also increase the one of union. Probably, the visited may return the favour by visiting you the coming holiday season.

5. Brainstorming at homes:
Probably, there is no place to visit during this holiday or you and your family have decided to stay at home this holiday. This is not a bad idea.

But, why not use it for brainstorming. Your family may sit down together and think of games to be played together. You can also include a little refreshment on it.

In conclusion, there are more than one ways to spend out your time during holidays. The above ways are not fully conclusive. It is possible to combine many of the ways mentioned.

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