May 29, 2022


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Flutterwave celebrates their ever first zero failed transaction for Tiwaworks


Software developer community manager for Flutterwave, Modupe Durosinmi-Etti, posted with joy Flutterwave success in carrying out zero failed transactions on an event. The event which gives the fintech startup this privilege is organised and hosted by Tiwaworks, an award winning international marketing company in Lagos and London.

In respond to this tweet and a further explanation, Flutterwave CEO Iyinoluwa Aboyeyi explains the term moonshot event. Which he said are done for various companies using their infrastructure.

Flutterwave had done many moonshot event in the year 2017 but this last event with Tiwaworks called Abetour held in Lagos, Nigeria was the first to record zero failed transactions.

Aboyeyi said, “As a business on a mission to change how the globe does business with Africa we have a lot of moonshot goals and one of our moonshots for this year was to run an event with zero failed transactions. Thanks to my brother @Echecrates we got an opportunity to serve @Tiwaworks.”

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“So this was a tweet by one of our team members celebrating the results of several months of research, dedication and hard work achieved with zero transaction failures at a single event,” he continues.

“We have supported a lot of events like this including @JumiaFoodNG and @EatDrinkLagos thanks to the wonderful effort of @dupsyturvy who runs Community for us and this moonshot had eluded us despite the best efforts of super stars on the team like @tedlade and Femi.”

According to Aboyeyi, Flutterwave hope that within the next ten years they would achieve 100 percent success in transactions for their partners.

“We hope to leverage the learnings from this achievement in other parts of our  infrastructure so we can hit our larger goal of zero failed transactions within the next decade. I know we will get there with such a determined and dedicated team,” he added.

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