May 28, 2022


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Four incredible applications were built at ForloopAfrica Unilag Hackathon


ForloopAfrica, one of Nigeria’s well known incubator for building ideas around technology had organised one of its yearly Hackathon event in Unilag. The event saw the innovation of four incredible applications which do not require data usage. The four apps created by University of Lagos, Unilag, students uses USSD code to perform activities that are of social importance.

One application created uses virtual contact to helps send personalised bulk SMS using Africatalking API. Another project was done by another set of developers who built an app that gives feedback join an event even without internet connection.

The third of the Hackathon project created was an App that help notify some set of people (Family, Staff), associated company (Hospitals) or organization whenever there is an emergency using a short code that works without internet.

The fourth project, I am aware of, is an App that helps you ask anything you might want to ask Wiki or related site’s using USSD code. The event was held on February 2nd and 3rd, 2018. Here is a photo of girls who code. This is interesting as the number of girls who can code is not more than 6 percent in Nigeria has reported by Devcenter.

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