May 28, 2022


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Galaxy Backbone Promises Deploying Digital Solutions to Transform Public Institutions


Galaxy Backbone Limited has reiterated its plans to deploy more digital solutions to help transform Nigeria public institutions. The company stated this in a tweet. The firm stated that it’s has its own internationally certified TIER 3 Data centre and a Data centre for Disaster recovery.

Aside, from the services it renders to Nigeria public institutions it also provide services to Niger and to private organisations that are needs their products.

“We will continue to deploy digital solutions that will transform public Institutions & make them smarter & customer friendly. This year, we will engage better, serve better through innovative solutions & partner more to improve the service experience of our stake holders. Remember to reach out:,” Galaxy Backbone stated in the tweet.

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The company stated “We have the people, processes, technology and are better positioned today to drive Data sovereignty in Nigeria.”

“We deploy crisp, clear, toll-free video phones over IP with audio & video conferencing capabilities across the Nigerian public service.  This means public servants don’t need to leave their desks to take part in meetings.”

Galaxy Backbone Limited provides its services to both public and private institutions. They are saddled with the responsibility of Nigeria Digital Backbone.

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