May 28, 2022


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Google Android Wears have Google Assistant installed in it


Google has finally released its latest Android Wears. At least 20 Android Wears Watches were released and all of them has Google assistant install on it. On of the Android Wear named  Casio Pro-Trek Smart is a military grade smart watch and has GPS, sensors that measure altitudes and atmospheric pressure, full-colour offline map and location memory. The smart wearable is useful for adventure such as climbing a mountain. You can track your hike and recorded voice-notes with it.

Generally, all the 20+ Android wears produced by Google has the below features

Varieties for Fashion. The wearables comes in varieties of colours that will enable you match it with your fashion style and mode. Google partner with top fashion companies to make this possible.

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Apps: The wearables come with various apps. There are app for social share such as the Michael Kors ,My Social app, that lets you dress up your watch face with your favorite Instagram or Facebook photos and the Fossil Q Explorist and Q Venture’s unique social sharing feature which allows you to share your personalized watch face with friends.

There is also an app to check your heart rate. The wearables comes with Android Pay. Some of the devices come with world timer app, travel app, and map.

Multitasking. The smart watches can also perform multitasking. You can leave your Smartphones at home and rely on your Android wear for making calls and other tasks.

Music: You can as well play music on your Android wears to boast your active live.

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Adventure: Some of the smart watches are cool for adventures like the one mention on the onset.

Travel: With GPS, Map, travel apps, music and Android Pay, you can use the Android wearables to travel to any part of your country.

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