May 20, 2022


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Google AR Platform now available to Developers

GIF showing AR Tinman 

Google has finally made, its AR platform ARCore available to developers, says Dave Burke VP, Android engineering. Developers can now create Virtual Reality and Artificial Reality using Google ARCore on their Android devices.

However, the ARCore software (SDK) will only be available on Google Pixels and Samsung S8 series. Google is working with mobile phones manufacturer Samsung, Huawei, LG, ASUS and others to make this possible with a consistent bar for quality and high performance, says Mr. Dave.

Smart phones that use Android Operating system starting from Android Naugat and above will be able to use the ARCore. Also google has worked on apps like “Blocks and Tilt Brush” to enable developers built a great AR experience.

Google is not the first to create AR mobile software program (SDK). Apple has theirs too, called ARkit. And Apple will be making it available in a couple of weeks.

Google has been working on ARCore for nine years now (that is since 2014) and for the past three years the tech giant has been working with Tango on which ARCore is built on.

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