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Google revealed nine progresses it has made at the Google for Nigeria event


In 27th of July, 2017, Google CEO Sundar Pichai came to Lagos for the Google for Nigeria event. He was interviewed by a Nigerian female journalist Adesuwa Onyenokwe. Google CEO revealed nine progresses the tech company had made in their products and features in Nigeria. These includes YouTube where many Nigerians watch comedy, music and other videos, Search and Maps.

The nine progresses made by Google are in areas involving Digital Skills, nonprofit grants, launchpad accelerator for Africa, YouTube Go, Lagos features in Google Map, faster web result, more information in search result page including post on Google, Knowledge panels and Health cards.

Sundar Pichai stated, “the things we’re announcing today are what drive us—building platforms and products that are relevant and useful for billions, not just the few, and helping people to succeed in the digital economy. That’s why we hope to equip more people, in Africa and elsewhere, with digital skills and tools. We’re excited to be part of Africa’s evolving digital story.”

Google is proud to train one million young people through their digital skill for Africa programme. The tech giant had trained youths on creating web presence, using Search to find jobs, get tips on how to improve CV, use social media and the likes. Now, Google wants to train another 10 million people for jobs of the future in the next five years, not to mention training 100,000 Africans (especially Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa) who will be trained on creating world class mobile apps.

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Through grants, nonprofits have green provided with grants to provide learning platforms that will provide training for low income earners and at a reduced price and for free. Gidi Mobile and Siyavula are among the nonprofits whom Google has given an initial grants of $2.5 million.

At the event and as posted in Google blog, Google will set up launchedpad space in Lagos. This will make Nigeria to be the first place Google is launching such programme outside United States of America.The launchedpad space in Lagos will be used to train 60 African startups to build successful technology companies, over three years period. The programme will also provide $3 million in equity-free funding, mentoring workshop space and access to expert advisers.

The other products talked on are the YouTube Go which help you enjoy the YouTube experience. Google blog said that Nigeria is the second country where the app will be actively tested when the beta is launch later this year.

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On the Google for Nigeria event, Sundar Pichai launches Lagos on Street View, with 10,000 kilometers of imagery, including the most important historic roads in the city. Now with Smartphones you can use your Google Map to drive along Carter Bridge to National Stadium or across the RKO Bridge, down to Marina says Google blog.

Web search result has being improved by Google so that Nigerians can streamline websites with 90 percent less data and five times faster even on device with low storage. At the Google for Nigeria event Google also said it has improve search result to include knowledge panel and posts on Google which  musicians, entertainers and other public figures to share updates, images and videos directly on Google, for people to see while they explore on the web. Nigeria is the third country where we’ve made this feature available and some of the country’s popular musicians are already using it.

In addition Google is preparing 800 knowledge health card. This will provide knowledge pertaining to common symptoms and treatments for the most prevailing health conditions. To ensure local relevance and accuracy, Google is partnering with the University of Ibadan to provide answered that have been reviewed by Nigerian doctors.

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NCC report shows that more than 90 million Nigerians uses the internet. And Google search is the number one place this users goes to. Intact, Alexa, a ranking software created by Amazon, ranked Google search as the number one website Nigerians visits on a daily basis. Other Googlle products Nigerians enjoyed using are Google photos, Google docs, Google mails and so on.

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