May 28, 2022


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Here is all I know about Facebook Partnership with Cchub. (NG_HUB)


Firstly, and of course, lately, Facebook partnered finally with Co-Creator hub. The partnership resulted to a lot of blessings to Nigeria most beautiful technology ecosystem. The information regarding this partnership was not a new game plan. The knowledge of it has been very much known as at last year.

In November 2017, Facebook representatives in Nigeria came and launched five programs. The output of the program is the result of the creation of NG_Hub, that is Nigeria Community Hub last week. When, Emeka Afigbo stated clearly about this and said the Hub will be used to trained Nigerians specifics including, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Machine Learning. Now after launch, the Hub will also powered training of Artificial Intelligence.

The HUB will do More

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NG_Hub is definitely not only doing the aforementioned, it will do more. Recent information proves this. What are they?

Facebook Start Accelerator Program

As I am writing this, Co-Creator Hub has begins a train. That is, going from one city to another city in Nigeria to fish out interested and well deserved candidates for the Facebook Start Accelerator program. From Lagos University, Down to port Harcourt, to the far north of Nigeria, CcHub team have prepared to bring in young and variant entrepreneurs, who can use their God given brain to break masks, solving Nigeria social impediments. These techprenuers are in the verge of winning a sum of 20,000 dollars in seed fundings. The 20k Dollars is for general techprenuers.

For students with ideas in the areas of interest, it is a different game play. students gets 5,000 Dollars, will receive 10,000 Dollars and 15,000 Dollars for PhD students. The Facebook Start Accelerator program is for those with Knowledge of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The program is for six months. You can apply here

READ ON  Facebook Launched Five Programs its bringing to Nigeria

Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

This is a whole lot. I personally classified it as digital marketing. I stated that it’s a whole lot because, there are different facet of it.

She Means Business/Women in Tech

This one is for women doing businesses in Nigeria. It will train them on digital marketing skills. Aside digital marketing skill training, the female entrepreneurs will learn various business skills. The duration is one day.

Digify Pro Nigeria

This training is for 8 weeks. It will teach on various digital marketing skills including Facebook marketing. Marketing professionals will do the training during the 8 weeks cohort. If you think you got what it takes, then Apply.

Facebook and Instagram for Creatives

Facebook and Instagram training is a program for creatives that leverage on the above medium. It is a source of for inspiration for this creatives.

READ ON  Facebook Launched Five Programs its bringing to Nigeria

Other programs that Facebook Partnered with CcHUB are Community Round Table, DevC meetup, VCs and Policy Roundtable, and SMB boost your Business Training.

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