January 29, 2022


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Here is Nigeria First Universal Fuel Card, O-Zone

Here is Nigeria ever First Fuel Card, O-Zone

In today’s review, I want to give you some breaking news. Nigeria’s first universal fuel card is called O-Zone Fuel Card. And guess what! It means you can buy fuel on the go with or without cash or money in your e-wallet. What’s this card all about and how is it used?

What’s O-Zone Fuel Card

O-zone fuel card is the first Nigeria universal fuel card where users can buy fuel with their debit card with or without cash on it through a mobile app.

What does this mean?

This means that there comes an ATM card known as an O-Zone fuel card. With this card, you can purchase any kind of fuel. Name it. Gasoline for your cooking gas, petrol for your vehicle and generators, and diesel for your generators and plants. To make this work you must transfer cash to your debit card. Also, you can buy fuel without cash on your card. These and more you can do from the mobile app. The app is downloadable on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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About O-Zone Fuel Card

O-Zone is a retail oil and gas platform developed to offer ease, convenience, freedom, security, and transparency to individuals, families, groups, and organizations. It can be accessed via a mobile and web application. It is Nigeria’s First Universal Fuel Card, which means that it is the first of its kind in Nigeria.

Here is Nigeria ever First Fuel Card, O-Zone

O-Zone offers users a chance to purchase retail petroleum products within the convenience of their homes and offices. This means that users can access LPG (cooking gas) and AGO (diesel) and get them delivered to their homes or offices in 45 mins or less. Users can also make payment for PMS (Premium Motor Spirit) commonly called petrol using the O-Zone fuel card at any filling station in Nigeria.

Features on O-Zone Fuel Card

Easy On-Boarding: To access O-Zone, all you need to do is download O-Zone Fuel Card on Google/Apple Play store and then follow the simple signup steps.
Secured Wallet Top-Up: Users can top up their wallet via any banking system (USSD, Bank App, or an ATM that uses Quickteller), at any Providus bank branch or the O-Zone office.

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Swift Online Order: Users can place an order for LPG or AGO on the O-Zone App and get their order in 45 mins or less.
Account Management: On the O-Zone Fuel App, you are in charge of your account. You can make transfers from your wallet to your card, and other O-Zone App users.

Fuel Now Pay Later: You can buy petroleum products on credit at any filling station of your choice with your O-Zone fuel card (terms and conditions applied).

Here is Nigeria ever First Fuel Card, O-Zone

O-Zone Users

It has different packages designed to serve different sets of users, they are:

O-ZONE LITE is suitable for individual users to have easy access to purchasing petroleum products. This is the basic account type on the O-Zone fuel app and with this package; all user’s domestic fuel needs are met.

O-ZONE FAMILY/SME is designed for multiple card users, i.e. family or group; it allows a user or an account to have multiple cards controlled by an admin to avoid unauthorized transactions. This offers central control with multiple usages with all cards attached to one account, making it possible for various members of a group or an organization to enjoy stress-free fueling and easy payments simultaneously from different locations.

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O-ZONE PRO is for corporate outfits, fleet managers, and organizations; this category also allows multiple card users and offers total control, transparency, security, flexibility, and effectiveness in running all fuel expenses as an organization. This customer category offers special values to organizations that help achieve cost-effectiveness in business operations.


Finally, Nigeria’s first fuel card is here to stay. You shouldn’t wait to download the app right now. All features have been highlighted. The O-Zone Fuel card application can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store.