May 20, 2022


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Inactive Sim cards are recycled by Telecommunications Company


In case you don’t know, the Nigerian Communication Commission, NCC, has stated on social media that any inactive sim cards are recycled by telecommunication companies. After a period of time in which the sim card remains unused, telecom companies has the right to recycle the sim and sell it out to anyone who needs it.

Each telecommunication company has their policy as to the time when inactive sim cards can be recycled. To know this, the commission advice users of sim cards to ask their telecom service provider.

If such a sim has been used for other purpose like your BVN or bank account and was recycled by your telecom service provider, it is possible that any information sent to that sim will be received by the new user.

It is advisable that if for any reason, you decide not to use a sim card anymore, make sure that any bank and other account details relating to the sim is omitted.

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