May 28, 2022


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Irregular Power Outage is a major challenge to telecom industry-NCC


Stating problem facing the telecommunication industry, the Nigerian Communications Commission has mentioned the challenge of power outage in Nigeria as a major cause.

In a twitter post yesterday, NCC noted the challenges facing telecom industry. It claims that these issues are critical for the deployment of services by telecommunication operators. Two major challenges mentioned by the commission are insufficient network backbone to carry call traffic and the problem of regular power outage.

Most of the challenges facing the Industry are critical for the deployment of services by the telecommunication operators.There is inadequate infrastructural capacity, including insufficient network backbone to carry call traffic, as well as the problem of regular power outages.

— (@NgComCommission) November 30, 2017

During the rule of President Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria was able to launched its first satellite backbone build by China. Unfortunately, what we heard from the media was that the satellite lost on space. Ever since then as a country there is an agency in charge of backbone, but they haven’t organised any satellite for launch in space. Though recently, a Nigerian University, FUTA, launched satellite recently, the satellite was for telecom industry.

Are ISPs IPV6 ready? I believe they are. However, who is requesting for the IPV6? #AFRINIC17 #NIRA

— Galaxy Backbone Ltd. (@Galaxybackbone) November 29, 2017

Power outage is another major issue mentioned by NCC. To be frank, all telecommunications companies uses generators to provide electricity to their Masks located in various locations in Nigeria. Using such means to generate electricity is expensive.

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NCC believe that if this infrastructural deficit is reduced to minimum it will improve the quality of service, QOS, by Telcos and reduces call traffic distortions.

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