May 28, 2022


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ITU Telecom World 2017, NCC takes Broadband Internet Campaign


All roads will lead to Busan, South Korea from September 25 to 28, 2017. There all Telecommunication expect around the world will meet to discuss pressing issues in their countries and seek ways it can be resolved. The conference may be similar to the one organized by world bank and IMF yearly. The conference is organized by the International Telecommunications Union, ITU.

The ITU conference is a global platform where major industry players in the telecom industry from various countries and organisations network and share ideas about new developments and technologies that would lead to better connected societies.

Nigeria however, is not excluded from this conference. In a press released by the Nigeria Communication Commission, NCC, Nigeria will take along the Broadband Internet campaign to ITU conference this year.

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The Broadband Internet campaign has been a measure issue in Nigeria. Nigeria with a population of over 150 million has active telecoms services but the usage of Broadband internet services is quite low.

The commission’s Broadband Internet plan is to attain 30 percent of Broadband internet usage by Nigeria in 2018. However and as reported by NCC, the current usage is only 21 percent.

The use of Broadband internet services in Nigeria remains very important issue in Nigeria. The cost to buy bandwidth in Nigeria is expensive. Nigerians that falls under low level income finds it very difficult to purchase bandwidth monthly to carry out online activities.

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