May 28, 2022


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June Report: Nigerian Telecom Internet Subscribers reaches 91 million Plus


Nigerian telecommunications internet subscribers reaches a new peak of more than 91million.  Nigerian Communication Commission, NCC, has reported yesterday the number of internet subscribers in Nigeria.

The figure stands at at 91,598,757 GSM subscribers for June, 2017. However, the figure for May stands at 91,565,010. This is an increase of additional 33,747 subscribers many of whom may have started using internet services, many of which may have opt out from internet services and later on continues it or may have switch brand. This is for telcos that are in the GSM industry. For the CDMA’s, that is, Visafone and Multilinks their subscribers are 30,309. The CDMA industry do not witness any variations. Adding both figures together give a total of 91,598,757.

The increase is also as a result of variations to the number of internet subscribers of the six telecommunication companies in Nigeria. MTN gets the highest number of internet subscribers with 31,691,070. Despite the Phonophobia issues between Nigeria and South Africa, MTN subscribers soar more in June with an increase of 284,629 subscribers.

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Etisalat have the lowest internet subscribers with just a figure of 12,549,596. The number of subscribers on their internet services dropped accounting to the report. A negative value of 293,828 subscribers switched brand. The May figure was 12,843,424. What brand did the subscribers switch to?

Brand switching is very common in the telecom industry as many uses more than one network provider. Therefore, immediately a telco stop their promotion many subscribers will switch to the next brand.

As shown in the June report, 27,184,002 subscribed to Glo internet services. Glo has the second latest subscribers but it’s figure fall by 212,482. May 2017 subscribers were 27,402,484. Airtel is the third largest with 20,174,089 internet subscribers. Airtel receives additional 261,428 subscribers in June. Their subscribers were 19,912,661.

MTN receives the largest switch as many subscribers left Etisalat and Glo to Airtel as well as MTN. Moreover, more people switch from Etisalat network to other network. Glo got the lowest switch as you can see from the analyses.

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