May 29, 2022


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Kaduna Electric to commence online Payment System


The A.g lead, Marketing and sales and credit management unit, Mr. Bashir Muaz, states that Kaduna electric will begins the use of online payment system for the payment of utility bills starting from mid September. He expressed this in an interview recently.
According to him, when Kaduna Electric just began it was difficult to integrate the head office along with various divisional offices. But now, the problem has been resolved.

Speaking on the online payment system, Mr Muaz said, “Right now, as I am talking to you, we are almost 70% done with the new set of consultants and hopefully before the end of this month we should have a concrete footing.”

“With the arrangement so far, we should be launching our online payment platform at the by mid  month.”

Kaduna Electric is not the first electrical power distribution company to use online payment system in Nigeria. Lagos, with the advent of prepaid meter, customers has been using this form of payment to paay up their utility bills. <

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