May 21, 2022


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Lenovo will be investing on smart-cars


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A twitter post from Gavi O’Hara revealed that Lenovo, known popularly for making mobile phones and computers manufacturing will be investing in the production of smart-cars. This information was made known in the ongoing #LenovoTechWorld Conference that took place yesterday.

Lenovo is an investor in smart-car company Nio. At #LenovoTechWorld they just showed off this self-driving electric concept car. Wow.

— Gavin O’Hara (@gavinohara) July 20, 2017

Lenovo will invest on a smart-car manufacturer Nio to manufacture self-driving electric car.

Lenovo is not the first company to invest on self driving cars. Earlier this year, Google and Samsung carry out test on self driving cars they have invested funds on. However, the interest electric self-driving by Lenovo will be a bold one.

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Electric self-driving cars have becomes a big deal and it may change our future. The test done by tech companies on self-driving cars this year so far was aborted. However, the world of tech will be waiting for Lenovo investment in electric self-driving cars to come into fruition.
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