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LinkedIn launched its apps on Window 10


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LinkedIn has finally launched it’s apps on Windows 10 today, 17th July 2017. The app will give Windows 10 users more user experience and engagement compared with the app on previous Windows operating system.

Millions of professionals used LinkedIn using there browser on Windows 10. Therefore, LinkedIn on Windows 10 will improve the way professionals used the application software. The new app comes with three new interesting features.

Users can access the app via Start menu or from the task bar on desktop. This therefore improve accessibility. You can pin a Live Tile. The Live Tile is like Twitter Highlight. Immediately you click on start, the Live Tile will show you important highlight from your connection.

The third interesting feature is the Windows 10 Action Center. According to LinkedIn blog,

With Windows 10 Action Center, LinkedIn for Windows 10 delivers real-time professional updates, including new messages, insights on who’s viewed your profile, trending news in your industry and other timely highlights on your professional network.

Windows 10 Action Center will serve as your hub for LinkedIn updates about you, your content, and your connections. You can manage which updates you’d like to receive in the Action Center directly from the Notifications tab inside the app.

Photo showing Active center

LinkedIn Windows 10 app will be available for downloads in Windows store at the end of July.
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