May 28, 2022


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Mark Essien wants Nigeria Software Developers to go work abroad, come back after some years and why I am in support


A Nigeria Techprenuer and founder/CEO of posted on twitter that he wanted Nigeria software developers to go work abroad and come back home after some years.

He said “Every Nigerian software developer should be striving to go work abroad. The learning you do in a short period being outside the country makes you much, much better. But do come back after some years.”

Many persons have reacted to his post some opposing while others supporting. But a look at Iyinoluwa Aboyeyi, founder of Flutterwave, there are places in Nigeria that are better then USA. He said this to reply what Trump said regarding Nigerians coming to the United States.

I’m one of those 40k and I have to admit parts of Lekki look a lot better than Downtown San Francisco, CA or Conway , AR. Happy to show @POTUS around if he would visit

— Iyinoluwa Aboyeji (@iaboyeji) December 23, 2017

In truth, many educated Nigerians in the past, have left the country to other parts of the world and these have resulted in brain drain. Many Nigerians with the best of knowledge has left the country for grainer pastures in well developed countries and have made it big time over there.

But, recently, Nigerians have started seeing things differently. Mark Essien mention on the onset studied Bachelor degree, in computer science, in Germany, establish and come back to Nigeria to grow it. And now the hospitality tech startup is now a multimillion Naira company.

What about Iyinoluwa Aboyeyi, he probably live in the United States with his parent becomes cofounder of Andela, bring the company to Nigeria and later on established a fintech company he named Futterwave.

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Base on this duo angle, what Mark Essien said is very possible. In fact, if Nigeria software developers do so, they will bring wealth of knowledge to Nigeria and to Africa at large.

I heard sometimes ago that China sent their best brains to Europe to learn and those sent came home to develop there country. Today, China is a force to reckon with in the tech ecosystem. So, to me it is a good idea. Nigerians should buy idea.

But the BIG question is, would they return? Positing my argument on what Flutterwave CEO said, I think it very possible they return. If the two duo had returned, at least 60 percent may also return. And if so, we are on track in building a greater Nigeria.

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