January 29, 2022


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Meaning of Assembly industry and Examples

Meaning of Assembly industry and Examples

The Assembly industry involves connecting components. Learning about this sector is important to help you differentiate it from others like the process industry.

Definition of Assembly industry

Assembly industry means an industry that deals with components parts by bringing them together to make a single product. It can also be defined as the combination of various components and parts to produce a single

Key Explanations 

It is also called the assembly line industry. And it is related to the construction industry. But construction is related to the building of roads, bridges, and so on. But this industry goes broader than that.

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Here, various components parts are brought together to form a single product. A good example is making a table from wood. The carpenter will construct various parts from wood. Then join these parts together with nails.

Each component or part in an assembly industry is a finished product. What is done is to bring together each of these dependent finished goods to form a single independent product. For example, in manufacturing a mobile phone, several dependent finished products are used. The battery is a finished product but cannot function on its own. So are the touch screen, cameras, and every other component.

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One advantage this industry has over other industries is the ability to disengage or disconnect each of the parts. Also, if a part has an issue, it can be replaced. Let’s go back to the example of a mobile phone. If the touchscreen is bad, it can be removed from the screen and replaced immediately. The same applies to the battery. A bad battery can be replaced with a new one. This is not possible in other industries.

Examples of Assembly industry

Many goods can be classified as assembly line industries.

  • Car manufacturing
  • Phone making companies
  • Television set
  • Dress-making
  • Furniture making, and so on.

Examples of Companies in the Assembly industry

  • Apple Inc. Makers of iPhone and computers
  • Tesla. Makers of Electric Vehicles (EVs).
  • Nike. A fashion company that makes shoes and dresses.
  • Sony. Makers of cameras and television sets.
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The Assembly industry joins different finished goods into a single product. An interesting thing about this industry is the ability to disconnect the components and make replacements on them.