May 29, 2022


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​Med-View Airline Listed By Introduction on the NSE


Med-View Airline was listed yesterday on the Nigeria Stock Exchange on January 31, 2017. Its shares was listed by introduction. Ordinary shares  9,750,649,400 units at N1.50 Per Share on the Main board of the Exchange.

Med-View Airline Plc is one of Nigeria’s foremost airlines, airlifting more than 3m passengers and 46m tons of cargo (annually) to 14 local, regional and international destinations, including London, Accra, Jeddah, Abuja, and Lagos amongst others.

In his welcome remarks, the CEO of the NSE, Mr. Oscar N. Onyema, OON, commended Med-Vie​w Airline for taking the bold step to list on the Exchange. “We are particularly pleased that Med-View Airline has taken this strategic step to join the prestigious club of quoted companies in Nigeria.  It further reaffirms our belief that in spite of several policy and economic challenges facing the nation, our platform remains one of the best avenues for raising capital and enabling sustainable growth for national development”.

“This listing has added N14.65b (N14, 625,974,100) to the market capitalization of The Exchange, further deepening the Nigerian capital market.  It will also increase the visibility of Med-View Airline Plc and differentiate it as a professionally run airline with high corporate governance standards, having met The NSE’s listing criteria. With this listing, the Company is showing its commitment to a culture of strong corporate governance, excellence, professionalism and efficient services to its passengers, as well as providing increased returns to its shareholders”.​

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Med-View Airlines is now among the other 22 companies in the service sector of the NSE.

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