May 29, 2022


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Medical Team International uses Apps to diagnosed more than 1 million refugees a year in Uganda


Medical Team International, MTI, uses Apps to diagnosed at least one million refugees in Uganda every year. Using technology cloud services provided by Microsoft Azure, the non profit organisation were able to help this large number of refugees in Uganda every year.

Before the use of tech, MTI staffs rely on paper records to diagnosed patients who are refugees. However, there are more then 10 million of these records. This makes diagnosis process a land miles.

In Uganda, which faces one of the worst refugee crises in the world today, nonprofit Medical Teams International (MTI) provides care to 1 million patients a year. Its staff used to rely on paper records, but since its care providers generate about 10 million medical records each year, it was nearly impossible for the nonprofit to sort through mountains of paper to quickly find potentially lifesaving trends in the data.


With technology, however, MTI uses a new app, built on Azure donated by Microsoft Philanthropies, to revolutionize the way it works. The app, designed by Cambia Health Solutions, has dramatically increased the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment.

“When I found out that it took six or seven weeks to get information about the services provided at the health-care clinics, I was really amazed,” said Patrick Taylor, who until his recent retirement directed IT for Medical Teams International.

“When we create a system that allows a doctor to see more patients, more quickly, and provide better care, we’re honoring the dignity of the people who are coming and needing care,” Taylor said. Perhaps even more important, health-care workers can now identify and stop infectious diseases like malaria before they become outbreaks.

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