May 28, 2022


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Meizu Charm Blue E3 may has its fingerprint scanner at the side of the device


Meizu E3, also known as, Meizu Charm Blue E3, resurfaces and is reported to has its fingerprint at the side of the device. This is a new feature as most smartphones including flagship smartphone has their Fingerprint scanner either symmetrically at the rear of the phone or at the front of it.

Earlier, it was rumoured that the Meizu E3 will have a dual rear camera and a fingerprint scanner at the rear of the device. So, having a fingerprint scanner also at the side seems misleading. It is possible that the device will have two fingerprinting features. One at the front the other at the rear. If not, it will be either the rear or the side of the Meizu E3.

Also, Meizu plans to start using Samsung chipset, Exynos. So, it is likely that the Charm blue E3 will be flaunted with this powerful system on chip thereby improving the performance of the device.

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