May 20, 2022


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Mozilla introduces new features to it Browser Firefox for iOS


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Mozilla has finally rolled out new features for it’s Firefox app. The new features are new tap experience, night mode, QR code reader and features recommendation. The new features will be available at first to iOS operating system users in the US and Germany. Other countries will be able to use this new features in a future date.

To start using the new features users of Firefox will need to update their app in Apple store.

The new tab experience feature in Firefox will help you see websites you visited recently. Also, you will get highlights from previous websites you have visited. You can enable night mode on the app to enable you use it when you are in a dark room.

The purpose for adding a QR code reader in the app according to Mozilla is to eliminate downloading a seperate app for QR code reader, therefore saving a space for other apps you want to download. The feature Recommendation provides you a shortcut to websites you intend to visit.

Firefox browser app is also available in android and windows operating system. Firefox is a supplement to other well known browsers like Google chrome and Safari.

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