May 28, 2022


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NCC hold Consumer Conversion Programme at Niger State


The Nigeria Communication Commission, NCC, today hold consumer comversation programme at Auwal Primary School, Suleja Nigger state.

During the programme, the NCC representatives stressed the agency commitment to provide efficient and effective telecomunication services to Nigerians. Infact, this year was tag #YearOfTelecomConsumer.

At the event, NCC tells those present about the 622 Troll free call centre for consumers to call if they face ill-treatment from any telecom company.

NCC also butress their believes in the importance of educating Telecom Consumers and other Stakeholders on their rights as users of telecommunication services.

It was further made clear to Niger state indegines that various initiatives will be set up to help empower Consumers with Information to protect their rights & choices.

The initiatives NCC will undertake are Telecom Consumer Parliament, Consumer Outreach Programmes, Organising Outreach programmes and Consumer Conversations.

In Nigeria, it is very clear that many users of telecoms platforms do not know their rights, many never complain when these telecoms operators do not provide network services effectively and effectively.

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It is very common in this part of the world for mobile telecommunication companies to go out of service for hours if not days, to avoid exaggeration During such periods, users of such telecom network will not get ready network to strike their personal or business deals.

Therefore, NCC efforts to educate telecom consumers on their right is a step in the right direction.

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