May 28, 2022


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NCC warns on another ransomware Attack (Petya)


The Nigeria Communication Commission, NCC, has recently warned of the possibility of another ransomware attack called Petya. Patya just like the ransonware that occurs in May 2017 can destroy PCs and organisation’s system; and at the same time request for $300 to be paid via Bitcoin.

NCC therefore, as set out steps to be taken by Nigerians using the internet to prevent this ransonware attack. 

Avoid clicking links from unknown likes, protect your computers while using a public WiFi, do not use websites that are unreliable and unsafe, avoid clicking links that takes you to social media sites such as Facebook, instagram and whatsapp (instead visit the site directly through URL, before opening email verify the originality of the user, do not open attachments to emails from suspicious senders, store all your documents in ‘my document folder’ and regularly back up files are some of the precautions citizens should undertake.

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The ransomware Petya, “has a better mechanism for spreading itself than WannaCry”, NCC report. It uses three ways to get into a PC or an organisation’s computers.

As reported by NCC, one way Petya can damage a system is by scanning the local system 24 hours to find out Admins, then executes malware using PSEXEC.

The second mechanism is the use of Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC) tool. It can use this tool to connect to hosts on the local subnet and attempts to execute itself remotely on those hosts. It can also “use Mimikatz to extract credentials from the infected system and use them to execute itself on the targeted host.”

And the third is to Petya use the ETERNALBLUE exploit tool against hosts on the local subnet. Petya can be successful here if the system does not have MS17-010 patches in it.

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