May 28, 2022


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Nigeria Domain Name Report for October 2017

Source: NiRA

In September report, the number of registered domains reaches 97,750. This month more additional domain names where registered, transfered or renewed. 4,211 domains were registered during the month of October, while there were 2,126 and 46 renewers and transfers respectively. This makes a total of 99,382 domains in Nigeria currently.

According to NiRA (Nigeria Internet Registration Association), there is a steady increase of active domains of at least 1,500 month-on-month. Also there was two new Registrars since when the last statistics were published.

In July, it was predicted by NiRA that between October and November the total number of dot ng domains will cross 100,000. The speculation is becoming a reality. As seen in October report, the number of dot ng domains are currently 99,382.

The activities of Domain Registrars as well as resellers are really paying of. Also, the relentless efforts of NiRA in promoting the growth of Nigeria domains in various events is also a contributing factor that must not go without notice.

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