May 28, 2022


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Nigeria Domain Names crosses 100,000 hits 75 percent YOY


In November, Domain names in Nigeria crosses 100,000 as predicted by the Nigeria Internet Regulatory agency, NiRA.

Domain names such as .ng,,, has flooded the Nigeria web space. Certainly, more domains will be register in 2018.

A UX designer recently told NiRA on his the number of domains he succeeded registry using Nigeria ccLTDs.

He said, “Dear NiRA, I have registered 57 .ng domain names this year,” Pascal Okeke said. He hopes to register more domain names in 2018.

As more businesses, small and big, continues to see the needs for putting their businesses on the internet and also using Nigeria’s ccLTDs, more .ng domains will be registered in 2018.

According to, reporting on NiRA, said there as been 75 percent year-on-year growth rate on the number of .ng domain registration. A total of at least 42,000 domains was registered.

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The report also showed that National Information Technology Development Agency, NITDA, has lamented the use of foreign web hosting services by Nigerians. NITDA mentioned the needs for Nigerians and Nigeria’s private and public administration to continue patronise local web hosting services stating that it will boast the economy and reduce unemployment.

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