May 28, 2022


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Nova (Gold) Mobile Available at Konga For N25,000


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Image from Konga

This is a limited offer as the product may be sold out before you know it especially if you procrastinate. Just buy it now that the deal is hot. The Nova mobile phone is a low range mobile phone available in Konga for N25,000 now.

You will get this device along with a free Unik Smart watch and 25GB data. Sound GREAT isn’t it. Don’t waste anytime just click to buy it right now.

If you need a partner, then this Nova mobile is just right as you can take it along with you to any place as well as make calls with it.

But that’s not all. Probably you need a complement to your smartphone, phablet or tablets. If so, you may be making the right choice if you buy the Move mobile phone.

With it, you can play MP3 music, Facebook, receive and dial calls, browse online, set alarm and more.

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You don’t need to procrastinate. But it now on Konga.
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