May 29, 2022


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Paylater sends this scam alert


Paylater says some scammers are possing as their staff to collect money from the public. The information must have getting to the company via WhatsApp messenging app. According to the info, the scammer used an email to collect information from their victim with the promise that Paylater will give them loan of N50,000 to N1 million range.

In on of my previous post. It was stated clearly that hackers uses email to collect information from people and once they do they can use your information to carryout online payment in which your money will be deducted from your bank.

In response to this scam, Paylater has issued a memo via twitter to create awareness regarding this scam. It reads.

“Paylater will never ask you to:

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1.Fill a paper form
2. Pay any money to apply/get a loan
3. Talk to an agent in person or via whatsapp
4. Send your details to apply for a loan via email
5.Refer people to give you a bonus/money

The only way you can apply for a Paylater loan is to download the app on Google Play Store and follow the application process in the app. There are no tricks or magic to it. Download the app, apply for a loan and get a response in the app.

We need your help to make sure nobody becomes a victim of any of these scammers.

Please report anyone who claims to be a Paylater agent or tells you to send an email.”

Paylater never gives loans by asking for emails but uses their mobile app which must be downloaded first before you can apply for the loan.

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