May 28, 2022


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Photos from Forloop Rwanda Becoming a world class software programer


The Forloop Rwanda event has concluded on Saturday and here are some photos from the event. The event was held at Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda, at the Telecom house.

At the Forloop Rwanda event, Developer Funsho started the speech. He talked on how a developer can become a world class software programmer.

Lorna Maria, a data lead at Policy Organization in Uganda and also a female developer was also among those who gave speech at the Forloop Rwanda event. She talks on Leveraging app data to drive user experience.

Remi Muhire, who was the third speaker, relates on building better APIs using REST, Paginate, Visioning and more. Solomon Kitumba, talks on Startup time is now. The fifth speaker Victor Akinwande speaker on Neural network and heir usefulness to day to day live.

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Aside the speeches, the attendees have break sessions in which they have a nice meal.

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