May 28, 2022


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Piggybank offers internship to a user after a 3000 Retweet Challenge


Nigeria Fintech startup, Piggybank, that helps users save money, challenge a user for 3000 retweet for an offer of internship in the startup. The user succeeded in getting more than 3000 retweet and Piggybank offer the Internship to him.

Though, the name of he user his unknown. He claimed to use the platform for savings and asked for a job internship. In reply, Piggybank offers to provide the internship for a 3000 retweet. Which was done by the user.

The user is a Babcock university student currently 200 level studying Computer Information System. Piggybank platform has helped many users to save online. Offering at least 10 percent interest rate on savings. The startup is among the six Nigerian firms chosen in Google Launchpad Accelerator program taking place in Nigeria.

CONGRATULATIONS! Please send us your details via dm and we’ll see you and your friends soon!!! 😬😬😬

— PiggyBankNG (@PiggyBankNG) April 1, 2018

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