May 29, 2022


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Points To Note About Gabinus Oriseh Enuborda Has A Board Member of BOC PLC

Points To Note About Gabinus Oriseh Enuborda Has A Board Member of BOC PLC

BOC Gas Plc has appointed Gabinus Oriseh Enuborda as a member of its board of Director on 30 November, 2016, according to a statement released in the Nigerian Stock Exchange Today.

The points to about him are:

1. Mr. Gabinus was BOC Gas Nigeria Plc company secretary in Augûst, 1st 1985.

2. He retired from the company as a director/company secretary in May 2014.

3. He is a  chartered Accountant and has wealth of experience in matters relating to the company.

4. He is 71 years old. This may have some impact to the company. As a result of his age, he may need regular  checkup to maintain good health which may be an additional cost to the company in terms of being absent from board meeting in other to attend to his health.

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However, there is a popular saying that what a old man sees while sitting down will not be seen by a young man even if he is on top of the highest mountain.

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