May 20, 2022


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Religious Organizations are urged to pay their Electricity Bills in Kaduna


T he Management of the Kaduna Electric has urged all religious organizations and places of worship to pay up their electricity bills. A Facebook post by the company states this clearly yesterday. The company states that it will commence disconnection of all religious organizations and places of worship soon. The Facebook post reads:

The Management of Kaduna Electric hereby notify all religious organisations/places of worship, (i.e. mosques and churches) that payment of electricity bills is an obligation that must be discharged as at when due. All religious organisations/places of worship who are having issue with their bills or don’t even have bills are advised to contact Kaduna Electric office nearest to them for clarification and or reconciliation. The Company shall soon commence the disconnection of all defaulting religious organisations/places of worship and those without record. Kindly settle your bills to avoid the embarrassment of having your service disconnected. This announcement also serve as disconnection notice to all concerned.

From personal observation, it is very common for religious bodies to avoid paying electricity bill as they fall due. These bodies may have claimed that they are nonprofit organization and use such to avoid paying these bills. But Kaduna Electric is no joke as it is ready, as depicted in the Facebook post that disconnection will start soon.

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