May 28, 2022


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Sharp FS8018 was seen in TENAA


A new flagship smartphone from sharp has appeared in TENAA with the code name FS8018. The front, back and side views was seen. From the front view, the device is expected to be a bezel-less phone. It has an home button below the front view and a camera in the middle-up of the front view. The colour displayed from tenaa is black. The phone may or may not have varieties of colours.

At the back view, their is no fingerprint scanner. However, it has a wide camera as can be seen in the photo plus a flashlight. Possible a LED flashlight. The sharp logo is located both in the front and rear view.

At the side, that is the right hand side, we are expecting to find the volume button as well as the sleep/wake button. The sleep/wake button may be performing same function with the home button at the front of the smartphone. Probably, it’s this reason that makes Sharp decide not to put up a fingerprint scanner. In any case, for now the Sharp FS8018 as it is called for now do not have a fingerprint scanner.

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