May 28, 2022


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Should you buy the Nokia 1 instead of Itel S12


Nokia 1 and Nokia S12, which of these should you buy? Here is my take on both Android low range smartphones. But before that, you should know these. The Nokia 1 was made released in Nigeria in 2018 while the Itel S12 was released in 2017. Let’s go there!

Nine specifications for Nokia 1 and Itel S12

Price The Nokia 1 price starts from 25,000 naira. For the Itel S12, the price starts from 28,800.

Operating System As a 2018 model, the Nokia 1 featured an OS of Android 8.0 Oreo (Android Go Edition). For the Itel S12, the OS is Android 7.0 Nougat.

Camera A single front camera of 2MP is attached to the Nokia 1. The rear view has a 5MP camera. For the Itel S12, the front camera is 8MP with dual rear camera of 5MP+2MP. Nokia 1 has a single flashlight in the rear. But, the Itel S12 has dual LED flash at the rear and a flashlight at the front of it.

Fingerprint While the Nokia 1 has no fingerprint scanner, the Itel S12 has a fingerprint scanner at the rear view.

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System on Chip A Mediatek System on Chip accompanied the Nokia 1 and the Itel S12. But a processor of MT6737M for the Nokia 1 and MT6572 for the Itel S12.

Screen Size The diagonal of the screen on Nokia 1 is measured as 4.5″. However, Itel S12 measures 5″.

Memory Nokia 1 is proud of 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM and an external memory drive of up to 128GB. The Itel S12 is also proud of 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM and an external memory of 32GB.

Battery 2150 mAh removable battery for the Nokia 1 smartphone and 2400mAh for the Itel S12 mobile.

Network Nokia 1 is happy with a 4G LTE ability. The Itel S12 is comfortable with a 3G network.

Which will You choose

Nokia 1 advantage is on its 128GB external memory and 4G LTE along with a comfortable size of 4.5 inch screen. Nokia 1 is small, you can easily fit it into your pocket without any discomfort. And finally, an OS of Android 8.0 Oreo, which is the current operating system.

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Itel S12 has its own major advantage. Its Mediatek is Better, 8MP front camera, dual rear camera, good battery size of 2400 mAh. If you love big screen then the Itel S12 may be right for you. You may also prefer the internal memory of 16GB especially if you have no intention of buying a memory card.

So the choice is yours!

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