May 29, 2022


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Sim Shagaya is not Comfortable with Making Lagos a Hub for Techprenuers


As the centre of excellent, Lagos attracts a huge number of investors, entrepreneurs and techprenuers. As a result some group of so called “elites” in the technology ecosystem of Nigeria decided to make a part of Lagos, the tech hub of Nigeria.

To be precised, Yaba was stated as a place of attraction for technology advancement. A popular tech hub and incubator, Co-Creator Hub has their office of operation located in that busy city of Lagos. But not everyone is satisfied with the idea.

Sim Shagaya, the pioneer of a Nigeria ecommerce giant Konga, yesterday criticised the idea of making just a state in Nigeria a centre of technology innovation. Whereas, other states have innovations better than that made in Lagos. The tech personality has a point in this.

I am always uneasy when the Lagos (tech) elite describe entrepreneurship as exclusive preserve of its community. I’ve observed e’preneurship in dadin kowa in jos, ariaria in aba, rural kaduna & places in between & it is often more vigorous & relevant to our national dev than Yaba

— Sim Shagaya (@SimShagaya) April 2, 2018

He added that “entrepreneurs in Dadin Kowa in Jos, Ariaria in Aba, and rural areas in Kaduna” have made innovations that have better relevance to “National development than Yaba.”

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Many Twitter users support his opinion why others explained why Lagos happened to be a centre for technology entrepreneurs. You can read the threads on Twitter. Tomi Davies, on commenting on the issue said Lagos happens to be viable with an enabling environment for tech ecosystem in Nigeria.

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