May 28, 2022


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As the holiday season is fast approaching, many persons everywhere in the world are planning were to spend there holidays with their loved ones and family. Intact spending time with your family will give your children the opportunity to learn news things and discover their talent. Below are list of places you can visit in Nigeria:

Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar

Source: Nairaland.

Located in the South-South region of Nigeria is a cool place to spend your holiday. The price to pay for visit is close to N20,000 per person.
A swimming pool
A water slide
Mountains and forest
Golf course
Houseback riding
Quality food and accommodation

This tourist center is located in Lagos Nigeria. It is one of the best for wide life view. It was developed by Nigerian Conservation Center in 1990. It has a 401-metre work way which is the longest canopy walk in Africa. The entering fee is N1,000 but it is subject to change.
Excellent view for nature and bird watching.
Tree House
Secured environment
Nature station
Swamp Look-out Station and many more
Nike Art Gallery

Source: Bellafricana.

This is also located in Lagos. It is a city for the Yoruba arts and culture. If you love to learn the cultural arts of varieties of culture, this tourist attraction is good for you. Nike Art Gallery is the largest art gallery in west Africa. Apart from the Yoruba cultural art is also has a collection of arts gallary of most African countries. As stated in their website, the four art centres (Lagos, Osun, Kogi and Abuja) has collection  of over 500 sculptures, 8,000 paintings, and thousands of indigenous and hand designed fabrics, all hand selected by Madam Nike. The fee to visit the tourist location was not verified.
Opportunity to learn new cultural art
Large collections of galary
Good food for the price of N1,000 excluding minerals
Comfortable building that will make you enjo your stay.
Wonderland Amusement Park & Resort
Source: Premium Times.
This is located in Abuja, opposite Abuja National Stadium. It is also referred to as Disneyland in Abua, Nigeria. It is a place your children will certainly enjoy and feel entertainment. The cost of entry and other costs can be found in there website.
Leisure gardens for relaxation.
Several Games to play such as: bumper cars, ocean cars, roller coaster and much more.
Horse Rides and other rides for all ages including: cowboy, frog jump, flying towers and so on.
Cafes like the Shisha Hut providing foods with unbeatable taste.
The National War Museum Umuahia

Source: Tripadvisor

This is located in the South-East of Nigeria, Abia state. It is a site seeing for the Nigerian civil war, an historic event in Nigeria.
the main feature of this Museum is the collections of armoury used in the civil war and the Biafria flag.

IITA Forest, Ibadan

IITA is an acronym for International Institute for Tropical Agriculture. It is a centre where you will find different species of trees. The aim of the Forest is to preserve trees, as Nigeria is known for high level of deforestation. visiting this centre will give you the privilege to know various kinds of trees and there botanical names.
There is a recreational centre for swimming and relaxing.
There is a football pitch, badminton court, table tennis court and so on for sporting activities.
It is a home for birds.
It has a dormitory and a conference hall.
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