May 21, 2022


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SoupAMarket CEO was spotted carrying out her social duties


The CEO of SoapAMarket, Olashile Abayomi was spotted by YBLNigeria carrying out her social duties. As you can see from the photos, she is serving food to people in different areas of Lagos state. She is doing so as part of her social duties.

SoupAmarket is an online food service business. The owner makes soups and other delicacies which she sells via her website and social media channel. Immediately YBLNigeria spotted it many comments and retweets emerge. Many of which showed appreciation for what Olashile did.

Such act is a welcome development and should be imitated by techprenuers who are just starting out. From my knowledge, she personally run her business with no staff for now. However, in the coming future, its possible she will.

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SoupAMarket has been around for a while. See some of their delicacies. Furthermore, Olashile Abayomi is a girl with big dream.

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