January 26, 2022


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System Maintenance Meaning in AIS

Meaning of System Maintenance in AIS

After developing an AIS system there is a need for regular maintenance of it. This will help keep the software up to date. And help the users more effectively and efficiently in using Accounting Information Technology. What is system maintenance and why is it important?

Definition of System Maintenance

1. System maintenance is every effort put in place by a system developer to ensure that the developed software remains effective and efficient in meeting users’ demands.
2. It can be defined as the improvement of an accounting information system to remove bugs, improve execution and amend it to suit current requirements and changes in policies and the external environment.

Key Explanations

The effort was put in place. Upon creating the system, the developer will put things in place to ensure the software remains useful. A maintenance team can be formed. The team will continue to find ways to improve the system. This will maintain the usefulness of it.

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What does the maintenance team do? The team aims to ensure that the accounting software remains up to date. The team may rewrite some codes to make the software more user-friendly. Or to adjust to current trends. It will ensure that bugs are detected and removed immediately.

Furthermore, it makes necessary amendments that will improve the execution of jobs on the software. More to do this, the maintenance personnel may need to adjust the system to suit some clients with specific needs or that have policy changes that need to be in the AIS.

Meeting user’s needs. Accounting Information System users need to remain effective and efficient while using the software. Therefore, the maintenance of the software is paramount to achieve this. The team needs to be proactive in this task. They should not wait till the system breaks down before carrying out the upkeep. There can be a scheduled maintenance period to test the system.

Importance of System Maintenance

It helps keep the system updated. Regular new ways of making the user experience changes. Software engineers are working tooth and nail to bring in better performance to software. As these are done, the developer should know the latest trends and requirements. This is then incorporated into the system.

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Removing Bugs. Bugs are errors or faults in software. It might be an expectation of the user interface (UX) that doesn’t look good, especially when another professional developer or designer is taking a look at the UX of the software. The bug might be an icon in the software that isn’t working properly. Whatever it is, it is necessary to detect and fix them immediately.

Changes in a business environment. There might be changes in the business environment that require changes in the Accounting Information System. For example, in 2018 when IFRS 9 was implemented, firms needed to adjust their software to fit the new standard.

Adjustment in company’s policy. A change in a company’s policy may require adjustment in the software. The system maintenance team should do everything possible to amend the software to meet the entity’s new policy.

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System maintenance is an important aspect of an AIS. When a new system is developed a maintenance team should be organized to regularly update it. Periodic upkeep should be done so that buds can be identified and corrected. Also, the team may need to adjust the system to fit in with either the latest environment requirements or organizational policy.